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Our Process

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Gather Data

The first step we take with every relationship is to gather data about our clients life, their goals, their financials, all in an effort to paint an accurate financial picture. the more data we have, the more accurate of a plan we can create together.

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Create and Implement a Financial Plan

After our team gathers all relevant data, we then take the time to analyze and forecast your current financial plan, what your goals are, and what steps need to be taken in order to pursue those goals. We then present our recommendations and implement any changes that need to be made to help you pursue your financial goals.

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Follow Through

When your financial plan is complete and the investment selection has been made, the most important step is ongoing communication and monitoring to ensure that your plan constantly aligns with your goals.  Life will change and our firm is here to help you navigate those changes.  Moving forward, We annually review your financial plan with you and recommend a full plan be done every three to five years or as changes occur that are material to your plan.  Our firm is committed to being with you, the client throughout your investing and planning life.

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Our Services

• 401(k)
• Defined Benefit Pension Plans
• Deferred Compensation
• Profit Sharing
• Charitable Giving Strategies
• Estate Conservation Strategies
• Education Funding Strategies
• Fee Based Wealth Management
• Pension Payout Alternatives
• Pension Transfers/Rollovers
• Financial Planning
• IRA Consolidation/Rollovers
• Annuities

• Life Insurance
• Long Term Care Insurance
• Mortgage Protection
• Lump Sum Pension Distribution
• Mutual Funds, ETF’s and Stocks
• Tax Sheltered Annuities, 403 (b) Plans
• Group Benefits
• Income generating strategies
• CD alternatives
• Individual Bonds
• Brokerage CD’s
• SPIA’s
• REIT’s
• Alternative Investments

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